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We now have a Facebook page! Please swing on by, give us a Like! We want to reach out to more folks and get additional participation, so feel free to send your friends there. As always, since we host the games in our group member's homes... we'd really like anyone new to be accompanied by someone who has been out for a tourney before. We want to maintain safety, as well as fun!

Facebook link: fb.com/TexasChipLeader
Tournament Poker Rules Updated 08/19/2011

Actual Playing Rules:

Acting out of turn: Please wait to act until it is actually your turn, even if you plan to fold. Preparing to fold in some way, (your stance, the way you hold your cards after you look at them, your facial expression) is a tell and is something that you may or may not want to work on, but not truly illegal. Actually throwing your cards to the middle of the table before you are the active player is acting out of turn and has effects on the rest of the hand. Same thing with betting. Make sure that it is actually your turn before you fire some chips at the pot.

One player to a hand: Please play your hand by yourself during the tournament. It is against the rules to solicit advice regarding the playing of an active hand regardless of whether the advisor is playing in the tournament. This is a friendly event, if you wish to fold and hang onto your cards and ask the person next to you or someone at the table if you made the right decision you can but for the interest of integrity to the active hand, wait till 1: You have openly declared you are folding and 2: The hand is completed, lets not take a risk on your advisor having a bad poker face and giving something away

Table talk and hand reactions: If you have folded your hand of 7 4 off suit and the flop comes 444, please do not alert the table you threw away a four by banging your head on the table or flat out saying "I threw the four away". The remaining players have every right to represent the 4 with their bets. After the hand is over, you may call the bettor a liar and a dog for representing the four you KNOW he didn't have but during the hand it is your responsibility to remain quiet.

Announcing the Cards: We are pretty loose during the course of our events about talking and shooting the breeze in general, however, please refrain from advising other players during the course of a hand as to actions they should take(see one player to a hand above). If you feel a player in a hand is bluffing and should be raised, congratulations on your newly discovered read, if you do not have active cards to raise him WITH, then do not tell the next active player what you think you have discovered during the hand. You may call his bluff when you are playing. Also, please refrain from announcing the possible hands during the course of a hand. If the flop comes out 7 spades, 8 heart, J of clubs, do not then state "Possible straight" or "9 10 is looking good". The guy with 9 10 will be somewhat perturbed and justifiably so.

Taking a long time during your action: (Stalling) Taking an excessive amount of time is usually not a problem in our events. There are sometimes bets that need to be reviewed and decisions that can kick a player out of the tournament that can justify taking extra time to decide on a hand. That being said we usually have 15 to 25 minute rounds, taking 5 minutes on one STAGE of one hand is not conducive to playing the number of hands required to get around the table at least once per blind level. Any player can call for a clock on a player who is taking a long time to make a decision and then the active player has one minute to make a decision. Calling time on a player should not be used to attempt to frustrate a specific player, anyone abusing the ability to call for a clock will be disallowed from calling a clock on players in the future. We have been going for eight years now, to this date no one has called a clock on a player.

Show one - show all: If you wind up with the winning hand without a showdown and show your cards to any other player, you must show the rest of the table. If you win a hand and turn one card up to while collecting the pot you do NOT have to show the other card if you don't wish to. That would be show one -show two I suppose.

Player rules. Updated 08/11/2011

Rules to live by

Everyone have a good time. We have temporarily put Justin on Halodrin for his agitation.