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We now have a Facebook page! Please swing on by, give us a Like! We want to reach out to more folks and get additional participation, so feel free to send your friends there. As always, since we host the games in our group member's homes... we'd really like anyone new to be accompanied by someone who has been out for a tourney before. We want to maintain safety, as well as fun!

Facebook link: fb.com/TexasChipLeader
Rap Sheet - Meet the Players Updated 09/28/2011

It took me a while to update the players section of our show but I am finally jotting down some back ground information for our tournaments.

Some of you who do attend regularly will not be put up until I have permission to mock or semi-mock you in public.

So here are the players I feel comfortable attacking publicly without permission.

Justin "Juss" Branum  

AKA Juss, the great forehead, fivehead.

Description: Receding hairline, chunky (at least), T-shirt (definitely juvenile possibly vulgar t-shirt), occasional sunglass wearer.

Co-organizer of the events in question, person responsible for listening to the core players bitch about the day selected to have the tournament. Primary person to have to listen to Russell bitch about the chip counts and denominations. Primary person that has to listen to everyone bitch about not getting any cards. Justin has determined that you people like to bitch like little old women. Justin is also responsible for updating the website’s content, this happens once every millennium, seriously, it takes place on a Geological time frame. In the tournaments Juss is adept at digging in on a short stack after pissing away his initial chips.

Entertaining tournament notes: Jesse and Juss have been known to attack each other with certain abandon at the tournament tables, usually resulting in one of them leaving said table or doubling up the other on remarkably bad calls. There have been some memorable draw pasts and check raising in this war and given the egos involved there is no peace treaty in sight.

Dirk Meilinger  

No known aliases.

Description: Dark hair, with some grey, good physical condition (especially compared to some of the other regulars, woof what a bunch of round butts), casual dress.

Dirk has an aggressive play style, normally I would not give away a players style, however, within moments of playing a hand with Dirk everyone can figure that out for themselves. Should Dirk go three hands without playing you will actually be able to see boredom as an aura about Dirk’s head and neck, should he go six hands without playing the aura becomes like the surface of the sun.

Entertaining Tournament notes: Doubling Dirk up on a bad hand will get you all sorts of nasty looks from Mike, Juss, and Russ.

Russell Knight  

AKA Russ, Tonso (pronounces ton –z- O), Fat boy.

Description: 260 pounds of chewed bubble gum with dark hair.

Russ is the creator of the very popular 35 - 70 blind level. Which very likely will go into the retirement section again. If it were not illegal, Russ may have started his own card room by this time. A math major, Russell knows the percentages and odds. Entertaining tournament notes: Russ had the audacity to be jokingly upset with the dealer when he lost the main event in August to Jesse when Jesse flopped a flush when that same dealer threw cards that allowed Russ to suckout on Dirk in the second event that day no less than three times, possibly five, as a significantly worse underdog.

Mike Storrie  

No known aliases.

Description: Mike’s winter appearance can be somewhat odd, during the winter months he has been known to where medium length shorts with Moccasins and a t-shirt, because somehow only his feet get cold.

That look is similar to a reincarnated Eskimo/Polar bear combination, as though an Eskimo and Polar bear where in a gigantic struggle, died at the same time, and came back to life as a fattish white guy in North Texas…..with cold feet. However, during the summer time Mike is simply somewhat heavy and in this crowd "somewhat" heavy doesn’t begin to merit comment, though recently Mike has dropped a couple of pounds.

Mike is content to simply attend these events as opposed to actually bother me about how they are run. He is a semi-accomplished magician, and this is the reasoning behind Russ, Juss, Dirk, Pete or someone who knows Mike is giving him the hairy eyeball every time he deals. There have been no incidents of Mike trying anything funny and this is mainly just an entertaining annoyance to Mike so we, of course, continue to mention it.

Entertaining tournament notes: Mike took turns with Justin when we were just starting the tournaments to eliminate Jesse from any event he played in, frequently on the draw. This lead to a long and distinguished argument as to whose bitch Jesse actually was, Juss or Mike. Jesse simply loves this argument.

Jesse McCoy  

AKA Justin’s Bitch, Mike’s Bitch. The Reloader. Yoda.

Description: Difficult to describe, only slightly over weight, about 5’ 11” or 6’ tall with dark hair, the tough part is the face, it is both unique yet difficult to describe. I will not attempt said description now, let me try again later.

Jesse is an aggressive player and has improved greatly since the time when we first started our particular Poker binge. During one Saturday’s event, Justin eliminated Jesse on all three tournaments during the course of the day and at no point has Justin wished he had a video camera on any given day MORE than he wished he had one on that day.

Texas Chip Leader has the “Elimination Dollar” game where everyone got a $1 with their entry which we all signed. Then, when a player eliminated someone, the winning player got the dollar of the player he eliminated. Jesse’s dollar was, without question, the most valuable dollar that table has ever seen. Dirk wanted it, Mike wanted it, Justin wanted it so bad he could TASTE it but in the end, the Jesse dollar was won by Eric and he has NO plans on giving it up.

Will Belden  

AKA: Captain Palapa, Belden, Todd's Tool, Gin and Tussin

Description: Slightly pudgy with light brown and gray hair when not dyed. Usually has a facial hair covering of some type but can and will go without the soup catcher. Talks on a constant basis, a CONSTANT basis.

Will is frequently the host of our gatherings and has put up some substantial scratch to make the tournaments better for all of us. His purchasing of equipment rivals Justin's purchasing of equipment for the event. A gracious host indeed. Will’s style is an interesting style, as it depends on his comfort level with his opponent. If he knows a player he plays him with a certain contempt and disdain, making him difficult to bluff and hard to put on a hand. If a player he knows raises into Will, he could call with any two cards just because he doesn’t want to cede the pot to that particular player.

However, when Will does not know a player all the contempt and disdain goes away and it takes away his more aggressive tendencies. That lasts until the first time Will thinks he may have been bluffed by the new person and the contempt is back.

Lucinda Belden  

AKA: Cindy, The Queen Killer

Description: Will's far better half. Blonde hair. Most easily identifiable as the woman trying to get everyone to take a shot.

Cindy has been taking classes to improve her game and has come a long way in a short time in regards to her tournament play. There are some distinguishing traits that Cindy has displayed in regards to her play, for example, if a Queen hits the board and Cindy is in the hand, the other player is, in fact, doomed. If you are that player, and you have a set of Queens, you are still very very doomed, because that Queen, somehow, some way, has made Cindy's hand.

An outstanding hostess, we thank Cindy for putting up with our childish antics.

Peter Vaccaro  

AKA Pete, Pete the Shnoz, The beak, Steve Perry.

Description. Heavy set Italian with a protuberance on his face that he calls his nose. Pete is dark haired and frequently in some stage of "I haven’t shaved in (1-6) days".

Pete has the poker face of a girl scout. Pete plays online, another Pokerstars player, and was slowly building his stack to a cashout point until the fates came along and busted his stack right to the felt. The good news is that if anyone transfers money to Pete their luck has gone up by an order of magnitude. Due to restrictions of a self imposed nature, Pete has been attending less events lately but is likely to make the middle event on a given weekend.

For dealing purposes it is always best to get Pete to a seat with easy access to the rest of the table. He also claims that there is an updraft in the center of the table similar to a air hockey table and that is why those cards keep getting flipped over during his deal.

Brian Campbell  

AKA Pretty Boy, Dirks evil twin, Supaplaya.

Description: Blonde hair and very light compared to the others, Brian is not particularly intimidating in mere physical appearance, our threats to sit on Brian must be taken with some degree of seriousness because some of us double his weight.

Brian started out HOT in our tournament scene but as of late has not played as well as expected from his initial stampeding of the tourneys. Brian is the only player at the tourney to leave due to the possibility of female interaction and has the most original and understandable quote as to missing a tournament "I am not going to make it, too many boobies."

Brian is a regular attendee and a generally entertaining player.

Greg Pyron  

AKA Bigfoot.

For many of the newer players, the New Year’s event will have been the first time ever to see Greg. So Mike came up with "Bigfoot", you hear stories, you hear rumors, you seen grainy pictures but there is no real proof that Greg exists. BUT THERE HE WAS! Greg is one of the three people most likely responsible to turning Juss into a Poker Addict. Also, Greg and Justin started up a side gig more than a decade ago to sell poker chips to the masses, right before WalMart put them on the shelves. As always in life, timing is key. Much love to the Greg and we hope you make it back this year.