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Facebook Page!
We now have a Facebook page! Please swing on by, give us a Like! We want to reach out to more folks and get additional participation, so feel free to send your friends there. As always, since we host the games in our group member's homes... we'd really like anyone new to be accompanied by someone who has been out for a tourney before. We want to maintain safety, as well as fun!

Facebook link: fb.com/TexasChipLeader
Register for our upcoming Events Updated Jan. 6, 2019

Register for an upcoming tournament.

Thank you for taking the time to register for our upcoming tournaments. We often have snacks, etc. and this helps us plan on how many will be attending. And how many tables we'll need, if we need to bring in additional tables!

Select your name from the list of registered players. If you do not see your name please go to the Player Registration section to add yourself to our database. (No spam, ever. Only tournament related emails originating from us, infrequently.)